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After nearly 150 episodes, Radio Enso is off the air. Thanks to everyone for your support!

Please check out my new podcast, Life on Purpose, which launched in January 2015!

UPDATE: Life on Purpose is now live! Go here to listen/learn more!

Radio Enso Guest Collage 2011-2014

An Open Letter from Greg Berg, Producer/Host of Radio Enso:

Hi everyone; I wanted to let you all know that Radio Enso has come to an end. After three years and four months (141 new episodes), I decided it was time for a change and have stopped producing new episodes.

First of all, a HUGE thank you to EVERYONE who has been a listener and supporter of the show since 2011!!! You have no idea how much I value your time and energy. More than 250,000 people tuned in to Radio Enso or have listened to the archives since the beginning and that’s been an amazing gift.

Why stop now? And what’s next???

I’ve thought about a change for quite some time, but when something is working fairly well, it’s tough to rock the boat and change course. But there were imitations on what I could do by hosting the show at my old network and those grew too big to ignore. Plus I want to serve more people and build a true community around my show and self-hosting is the best way to do that.

Gregory Berg- Radio EnsoSo in January 2015, I’ll be launching a BRAND NEW podcast called Life On Purpose. It won’t be a live show like Radio Enso, but I plan on releasing approximately one new interview per week as I’ve done before. The audio quality will be radically improved. And you won’t be forced to visit a website with ads when you want to listen, as many had to do before with my old network.

Topically, Life on Purpose will cover some of the same territory as RE, but will be specifically focused on living each area of your life “on purpose”, with more take aways/ concrete tips to doing that. My guests and I will also talk about steps you can take towards living a “purpose-filled” life, which so many of us are really craving.

I’m currently plan on launching Life on Purpose in January 2015 and have already taped a few amazing guests for my launch week, which I’ll reveal soon. And I’ll be creating a new website with all the details, which I’ll post here when it’s ready. And the old Radio Enso archives will remain in place here, so feel free to browse/continue to spread the word!

I hope you’re interested in sticking around for the next phase of my journey. I’d love to have you along for the ride going forward! Talk to you again soon.


Greg Berg

UPDATE: Life on Purpose is now live! Go here to listen/learn more!