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Monday, October 6th at 6 p.m. PDT: author and spiritual teacher Alice Bandy

Join us for an enlightening conversation on the wisdom of money and the message of your finances!

Alice Bandy

Join me Monday, October 6th at 6 p.m. Pacific/9 Eastern on Radio Enso. My guest will be author, teacher and spiritual guide Dr. Alice Bandy, the Spiritual Director of The Heart of Teaching, a nonprofit educational organization.

Alice joins me to talk about her book The Wisdom of Money: Listening to the Spiritual Message of your Finances, her online self-study course Consciousness of Wealth, and much more! To listen, go HERE.

Alice Bandy

About Alice Bandy:

Dr. Alice Bandy is the Spiritual Director of The Heart of Teaching, a nonprofit educational organization. She has been leading transformative spiritual classes for adults since 1996. Alice has taught at many universities and is a favorite instructor at the Holmes Institute School of Consciousness studies. In 2012, Holmes Institute granted her an honorary doctorate for her achievements in authoring, teaching and disseminating powerful spiritual courses throughout the United States. She lives in Encinitas, California.

Her book, The Wisdom of Money: Listening to the Spiritual Message of your Finances was published in 2013.

Her second book: The Heart of Adult Learning: Ideas, Exercises and Tools for Helping your Students Grow is due out this fall.

More About Alice:

I am in the midst of my fourth career and getting ready to move into number five.

I have been the President of a publishing company, a marketing consultant for major corporations, a counselor and healer, a trained intuitive, a spiritual teacher and now becoming a spiritual entrepreneur. These all seem different but to me they have a similar theme that is I my purpose here.

I have a passion for creating opportunities for people to grow and reveal the inherent greatness within them.

In the beginning, I earned my spurs in corporate America and believed that it took a high level of business presence to accomplish this goal. When I worked to get my MBA, I focused upon working environments where the group dynamic encouraged creative growth and team success. Later, when consulting with many large businesses, I saw that larger environments sometimes became too slow for truly serving the changing needs of the world.

I am excited with all that is happening in technology today that makes it possible to step outside of the larger models and reach around the world.

I was always interested in the inner life and eventually began to study spiritual matters intensely. I have studied all the great religions, read everything I can get my hands on, taken hundreds of classes, worked with a Shaman, become a trained intuitive, gained a Masters in Consciousness Studies. I eventually devoted my time heavily to spiritual counseling, healing and spiritual education.

Wisdom Of MoneyOne of my favorite jobs was the Dean of the Holmes Institute School of Consciousness Studies. I also served as the Ecclesiastical Leader for Centers for Spiritual Living worldwide. I now devote my time to counseling, teaching and writing.

This fall, I am launching a website designed to serve the community of spiritual teachers around the world.

I have spent so much time on the inner world, worked with thousands of people, experienced spiritual events in profound ways. I know and teach living from the inside out.

The Wisdom of Money is my book which walks the reader through a very intensive process of releasing old experiences, pains and resentments so that the natural flow of prosperity and well being can flow into their life. These exercise are based upon my counseling practice. I use them here for money issues, but they work equally well in relationship and health issues.

We are each powerful beyond measure. All of this attachment to our story of how our human lives unfolds, – it is this attachment that clouds the full flow of our happiness and creativity in our lives.

The possibilities we are each capable of is astounding. We each hold within us the abilities to do amazing things: heal our bodies, transform our minds, create our dreams, awaken our communities and design a beautiful future for our world.

Since finding the work of Jonathan Fields, I have written up my own manifesto for my work. This includes a website for spiritual teachers, a school for transformation and a publishing program for inspirational books.

For more about Alice and her work, visit